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Lizard Vigilante

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Item Type: Bark Deterrents

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

• Ultrasonic Technology :The ultrasonic technology used in this device emits high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to humans but effective in deterring dogs from barking.

• Handheld Design :The handheld design of this device makes it easy to use and control, allowing you to target specific areas or dogs when needed.

• Anti-Barking Tool :This device is designed to deter dogs from barking, reducing the noise and disturbance caused by excessive barking.

• Pet Repeller :The repelling feature of this device can be used to keep pets away from certain areas or objects, making it a versatile tool for pet owners.

Product parameters:

Product Name: Dog Repeller

Shell: Blister

Material: PS

Product size: 106*27*28mm

Battery capacity: 300 mAh




1. Please allow 1cm difference due to manual measurement.

2. Please understand that due to differences in lighting or computer display, I cannot guarantee that the color of the photo and the actual object are 100% the same.




①Sound: (pulse type) long press and continue to transmit for 10 seconds

② Press the sound wavelength button and continue to emit for 10 seconds.

③Strength: latest enhanced version

Distance: 6 meters

Gear adjustment:

①Sound: None

②Sound wave: 2 levels (fixed frequency 25KHZ; cyclic sweep frequency 22~29K)

Indicator light reminder:

①Low battery reminder: When the battery level is lower than 5%, press the function button and the red light will turn on. When the battery level is 0%, press the function button and the red light will flash.

② Launch status indication: green light always on, red light always on when the battery level is less than 5%

③Charging indication: red light on when charging, green light on when fully charged

Charging: Lock buttons while charging

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