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Lizard Vigilante

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Number of Rollers: 1 pcs

Number of Buttons: 7

Brand Name: Attack Shark

DPI: 18000

Operation Mode: Opto-electronic

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Interface Type: bluetooth

Hand Orientation: Right

Gross Weight: 56


Choice: yes

• Lightweight Wireless Design :The Attack Shark X6 gaming mouse features a lightweight wireless design, offering you freedom of movement while gaming. It's perfect for long hours of gameplay.

• 3 Mode Operation :With its 3 mode operation, this mouse caters to different gaming scenarios. Whether you prefer wired or wireless connection, it's got you covered.

• High DPI Setting :Boasting a high DPI setting up to 26K, this mouse ensures precise movement and accuracy, enhancing your gaming experience.

• RGB Backlight Feature :The RGB backlight feature adds a stylish touch to your gaming setup, making it not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

• Rechargeable Power :Equipped with a rechargeable power source, this mouse eliminates the need for constant battery replacements, providing convenience and savings.

• Right Hand Orientation :Designed for right hand orientation, this mouse is ergonomically comfortable, reducing hand fatigue during long gaming sessions.

• Wireless Connectivity : No more tangled wires! Enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity with this mouse.

• Ergonomic Design : Designed for comfortable use, this mouse reduces strain on your hand and wrist during extended periods of use.

• Bluetooth 2.4g:The latest Bluetooth technology ensures fast and stable connectivity with your computer or laptop.

• With 3 modes of use: BT+ 2,4G+ Wired connectionFQA:

1. When I receive the product, does it have power?

Yes, the product is partially charged when you receive it, but it is recommended to charge the product before use.

2. Does the product include instructions?

Included, instructions are provided in English, Japanese, Spanish and other languages.

3. Does the package come with charging accessories?

An original charging cable is included, but the charging head is not included.

4. Can I use fast charging to charge the product?

It can be used once in a while, but it is recommended to use a 5v charger.


1: Please charge the product before use

2: Do not use fast charging to charge the product

3: Please do not disassemble the product without permission.

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